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We have great news! Ad-Aware turns 10.2! It's our best update yet! It also demonstrates our dedication in providing rapid development cycles and offers users enhanced real-time protection. Update is free for all Ad-Aware users (9.x, 10.x: Free, Personal, Pro).

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Available in Ad-Aware Pro
What's new with Ad-Aware 10.2
ID Watchdog Integration
Free credit report monitoring and alerting capabilities to notify any critical changes to your credit report that might be an early indicator of identity theft (for U.S customers only).
Active Protection
Constantly monitors the activity on a computer and suspends suspicious files and blocks malicious processes to prevent infection.
Low False Positive Rate
Immediately notifies users to eliminate potential attacks, providing the most up to date online protection.
Robust URL Site Scanning System
Lavasoft's malicious site scanning system scans 24/7 for new malicious URLs.
Enhanced Real-Time Protection
Real-Time Protection increases the reliability of the drivers and includes enhanced 64-bit support.
Cached Scanning
Automatically skips scanning files that were determined safe in earlier scans, resulting in much faster scans.
Available in Ad-Aware Pro
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